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Cathy Genna

2013 RWA® Booksellor of the Year Award

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Hello and welcome to Author Concierge Services!  I am Cathy Genna. 

I am here to help authors get more time to do what they do best – WRITE!  I believe a TEAM is KEY to your success!


key bullet I am for you, and about you - ADVOCATE
key bullet I deliver professional services that will save you valuable time to write – TIME SAVER
key bullet I support, encourage, and motivate you with true enthusiasm – CHEERLEADER
key bullet I am passionate for a story and its author – PROMOTER
key bullet I have a history of being trustworthy and well-liked both personally and professionally - COMPATIBLE
key bullet I offer experienced insight at a competitive rate – COST EFFECTIVE


Twelve years’ experience as a Community Business Development Manager for a leading retailer of books and other materials, I diligently developed the consumer and institutional book markets in my community.  I proactively grew and sustained existing business with consistent records of achievement in maximizing sales volume in bulk orders, in-store and offsite events. 
Other career highlights:

  • Transitioned my store into one of the best-selling locations for the romance genre in my region
  • Hosted highly successful romance and mystery author programs
  • Created customized book events
  • Organized ongoing author book signings for the general public with consistently high turn out
  • Developed special community author/book program partnerships with not-for-profit organizations
  • Created, coordinated, promoted, and maintained monthly reader groups

I attribute my accomplishments to my overall love of books and the creative process combined with positive energy and a innovative approach for generating revenue and building genuine, long-lasting relationships with authors and their readers.

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